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Off-Color Dating Technique

| Romantic | September 6, 2014

(I’m browsing through my messages on an online gay dating site when I see that I’ve received a new one. Note: I am Black and the guy who sent me the message is white.)

Messenger: “Just another racist. F*** you, b****!”

(I’m a bit baffled as to why I’m receiving this until I browse through my message history and figure out what happened. I decide to reply.)

Me: “Oh. I see I didn’t respond to a message you sent me a few weeks back. I’m sorry. That was incredibly rude of me, but I should say, to call someone a racist is a pretty harsh accusation, especially when you don’t know anything about me.”

Messenger: “You’re right. I shouldn’t have called you a racist, but yes, that was very rude of you. I have no idea why I even messaged you in the first place, especially since I don’t find you attractive in the first place.”

(I’m still a little stunned, but after a few weeks, I forget about it until one day I get a message on another website from the same guy.)

Messenger: “Arrogant n*****!”

(I report him and think it is over until a year later when I receive another message from him on the original website.)

Messenger: “You’re sexy.”

Me: “Thank you, but I seem to recall you sending me a very angry/offensive message when I didn’t respond to you the first time you messaged me.”

Messenger: “And you reported me. I’m sorry. Should’ve gotten the hint the first time. I won’t bother you again.”

(Six months later, I receive another message.)

Messenger: “Piece of s***.”

(I finally blocked him after that one. How could I have ever let someone like that slip away?)

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