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Of Mountains And Molehills

, , | Right | October 3, 2008

(It’s wintertime and the car wash is shut down because it tends to freeze below a certain temperature.)

Customer: “Why is the car wash closed?”

Me: “It’s below 20 degrees. It has to be closed or it’ll freeze.”

Customer: “But I just bought a car wash and now I can’t wash my car!”

Me: “Those car washes don’t expire. You can use it when the weather warms up a little bit.”

Customer: “The g**d*** car wash is always closed! EVERY TIME I COME IN HERE, THE CAR WASH IS CLOSED! IT’S ALWAYS–”

Me: “HEY!”

Customer: *backs up, surprised*

Me: “It’s just a car wash.”

Customer: *walks out in a huff*

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