Of Mice And Maybe Men

, , , , | Right | April 30, 2021

I’m cleaning the mouse cages. I’m working on the top one, so I’m standing on a stool stretching my short self to reach the bottom. A group of guys approaches me as I’m doing that and begins to ask questions about the animals. I’m female.

Guy #1: “Hey, how do you guys keep them from making babies?”

Me: “We keep the males and females separate.”

Guy #2: “Yeah, but how do you know they’re separate?” 

He’s looking as if he is thinking hard and raising an eyebrow at me, reeking of attitude. His buddies are in the background trying unsuccessfully to not smile like preteen boys whispering the word “penis” in class. I stop my work, get down from my stool, and look the main one in the eyes.

Me: “Sir, they have balls. Fairly noticeable ones. You’re familiar with balls, right? Males have them… normally.”

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