Of Bigotry, Names, And The Beautiful Game

| Learning | February 4, 2016

(We have a really old and stuck-in-his-ways PE teacher. Students with foreign names or accents can have a very hard time in his classes. I myself have a somewhat unusual sounding name but am as German as German gets in terms of ancestry. For our first classes we get along just fine because he apparently didn’t know my name. But as soon as he finds out he decides to give me a hard time. We are playing soccer.)

Teacher: “[My Name]! Pass the ball!”

(I look around but see nobody to pass to.)

Teacher: *angrily* “Pass, god d*** it! Are you understanding what I’m saying? Are you speaking German? Or is the official language of this country to hard for you? Pass, you [ethnic slur]!”

(Now fed up I just turn my back on the ball and start strolling around the soccer field, and sit down as the teacher grows increasingly furious. I continue to ignore him for several minutes.)

Teacher: “What the f*** do you think you’re doing?!”

Me: *playing a foreign accent* “Me not understand. Why running after weird air-stone? Making my head confused…”

(Another teacher later told us that he seriously tried to report me to the principal because of this but because of his history the principal decided to ignore it. Unfortunately, the PE teacher continued to harass students until retiring a few years afterwards.)

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