Ode To The Ood

| Romantic | February 19, 2013

(I am a fangirl who sometimes falls along the many ‘crazy fangirl’ stereotypes. I tend to make little squeals or squeaks when I get really happy or excited about something related to my fandoms. My boyfriend is a Bachelor of Music student.)

Me: *sees a ‘Doctor Who’ update* “Squee!”

Boyfriend: “What’s new with Doctor Who?”

Me: “How did you know it was Doctor Who I was excited about?”

Boyfriend: “You made the Doctor Who fangirl squeal, only logical.”

Me: “There’s a difference between them? Wait, you can tell the difference between what fandom I’m immersed in from the sound that I make?”

Boyfriend: “Pretty much.”

(I am staring at him with my jaw literally hanging down.)

Boyfriend: “If you think that’s amazing, I know the exact sequence to use that would reproduce ‘Ode to Joy’.”

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