October Top Story Roundup

| Not Always Romantic | Romantic | November 4, 2012

October Top Story Roundup: Here are Not Always Romantic’s top-rated stories for the month of October!

  1. The Triforce Of Love (1,137 thumbs up)
    Two Legend of Zelda fans get romantically “Linked” at a comic convention!
  2. Good Grief (848 thumbs up)
    A gay MMORPG player discovers there’s nothing virtual about his knight in shining armor.
  3. Espresso-ing His Intentions, Part 3 (719 thumbs up)
    A recently-dumped coffee shop employee gets a cute proposal from a charming 4-year-old boy!
  4. Don’t Call Me Baby (651 thumbs up)
    A husband and wife who have known each other as children find it’s necessary to “baby” their “how we first met” stories.
  5. Interrupting The Girl, Interrupted (589 thumbs up)
    Two strangers show they’re head and shoulders above two teenagers harassing a girl!

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