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October Top Story Roundup

| Right | November 4, 2012

October Top Story Roundup: Here are Not Always Right’s top-rated stories for the month of October!

  1. Not All Knights Are In Shining Armor (3,633 thumbs up)
    Two unexpected young heroes come to the rescue of a mother and her two children!
  2. When Customers Actually Give A Jam (3,599 thumbs up)
    A customer shows a mother the sticky consequences of refusing to parent her bratty children.
  3. Why Nurses Should Rule The World (3,598 thumbs up)
    A caring nurse goes above and beyond for scared little boy in this heartwarming story!
  4. Hot Food Can Leave You Feeling Warm & Fuzzy (3,075 thumbs up)
    A cashier joins forces with a police officer to make things easier for a recently-rescued girl.
  5. Hair Unapparent For This Fair Parent (2,832 thumbs up)
    A bad customer unexpectedly sets a good example for another customer’s son!

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