Ocean’s Berate

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Caller: “What is your best rate for an ocean view room for Friday night?”

Me: “$350 for that night.”

Caller: “I’m not paying that! Give me a better rate.”

Me: “Well, we have a better rate on a non-ocean view room: $269.”

Caller: “NO, I don’t want to look at the alleyways! I can get a better rate than that on the Internet!”

Me: “Which website? We can match rates if you see a cheaper one.”

Caller: “Any website! No one ever pays full price for a room. If I was Indian, you would give me a better rate!”

Me: *baffled silence*

Caller: “Because I would keep talking until I wore you down! If that’s the best you can do, I will go elsewhere!”

Me: “Sir, $350 is the best rate I can do. Have a good evening!”

(The caller, stunned that I didn’t immediately try to please him to get his business, left a long pause, then slowly hung up.)

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