OCD = Obviously Completely Deceiving

, , , | Working | February 12, 2019

(To keep our counters clear for serving customers, staff usually put stock into baskets on the floor behind our counter. Whenever staff leave the counter area, they are supposed to take some of the items with them, but when we get busy it’s not an easy thing to do, and the baskets often overflow; we need to get it cleared by the end of the day.)

Coworker: “Oh, look at this mess. I have OCD and this is annoying me.” *starts picking up the stock*

(As part of my supervising role, I am trying to get closing chores done and am happy that she’s taken her own initiative and I haven’t had to ask her to do it. It’s still half an hour before we close, plenty of time to get most of the baskets empty.)

Me: “Great, I’ll leave you to clearing that stuff out. I’ll get on with this and I’ll deal with any customers at the far counter. I don’t want to have to stay back tonight.”

Coworker: “Don’t worry; I’ll have all the stuff cleared off the floor.”

(I get stuck into my work and keep on with the customers. From the corner of my eye I see coworker sitting on the now cleared floor, next to the empty baskets.)

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Coworker: “After doing all this, I’m tired. Doesn’t it look better here? Now my OCD can relax.”

Me: “Yes, it does, but you can’t just sit there; you’re right under a camera.”

Coworker: “Oh, okay.” *looks at her watch* “Oh, it’s closing time. Bye.” *starts to walk off*

Me: “Could you close the door? I need to finish with this customer and do a quick walk around to make sure there’s no one else in the store.”

Coworker: *all but rolls her eyes and goes to shut the door* “My dad will be waiting.”

Me: “I still need you to check the store on your way to get your bag.”

(She had to walk through the store, anyway. By the time I got finished with the sale and showed the customer out, my coworker had collected her bag, told me the store was clear, and left. I was happy that all I had to do was finalise the till I was working on and do the banking. I finalised the till and walked down towards the counter she had been working at and noticed that all she had done was dump everything from the baskets onto the countertop. There was no way I could leave it like that and had to stay back after all of my tasks were completed.)

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