Occupied With Entitlement

, , , , | Friendly | January 20, 2020

(I am scheduled for a late flight, and I decide to use the restroom while waiting for the flight to board. When I get into the restroom, it is empty except for one stall on the far end. So, I head into the nearest stall. As I am closing the door, a man speaks up from the stall on the far end.)

Man: “Occupied!”

(I figured that me closing the door must have shaken his door or something, so I don’t think more on it and sit down to do my business. A few moments later, he speaks up again.)

Man: “I said occupied!”

(I’m kind of confused, thinking maybe he wants an apology? That would be too awkward for me, so I just decide to ignore him. After a couple more moments, I hear a loud grunt, and the sound of his stall door banging open. He stomps over and pounds on my stall’s door.)

Man: “I said occupied!

Me: *shouting a bit in surprise* “Well, this one wasn’t!”

(The man gave an odd, gargling growl, and then ended up stomping out of the restroom. No sound of him washing his hands. I’m sorry that you have “performance anxiety” or whatever was your problem, but you don’t get to expect to have a public restroom with four stalls all to yourself.)

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