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Obviously Oblivious

| Romantic | November 15, 2011

(My university has this beautiful old tree on campus called The Century Tree that couples traditionally get engaged under. While killing time waiting for my boyfriend one night, I am walking by it with some of my friends and see that there are a bunch of guys in a saber arch and a crowd gathered.)

Me: “Oh, look! Somebody’s getting proposed to! [Friend #1], do you want to go watch? I know you’ve never seen one before.”

Friend #1: “Sure, let’s go stalk them.”

Friend #2: “Come on, let’s get a good viewpoint.”

(All of my friends start walking right up the middle of the plaza where the girl being proposed to usually walks.)

Me: “You guys, get out of the way!”

(I attempt to hide behind one of my friends.)

Friend #3: “Dude, it’s fine.”

Me: “No, she’s going to show up any second and we are directly in the way! Go over there and sit down or something! God, this is embarrassing! Everyone’s looking at us!”

Friend #2, to me: “Get out from behind me!”

Me: “Oh god, you guys, seriously…”

(Finally, [Friend #3] gives up.)


(He points to the tree. I look over and see my boyfriend standing there. He’s wearing his nicest uniform and looking completely confused.)

Me: *light bulb goes on* “Ooooooh!”

(Later, my new fiancé confessed that he had a mild panic attack when I attempted to hide behind one of my friends. I am the most oblivious person on the planet.)

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