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Obviously Hasn’t Tried General Tso’s Chicken

| Learning | October 28, 2013

(Students are practicing their first oral reports in an American history class.)

Student #1: “Hi, I’m [Name], and I’ll be discussing public reaction to the Battle of Little Bighorn, also known as Custard’s Last Stand.”

Teacher’s Assistant: “Hold up. It’s ‘Custer.’ It sounded a bit like you tacked a ‘D’ onto his name.”

Student #1: “Wait, ‘Custard.'”

Teacher’s Assistant: “Custer!”

Student #1: “Like the food? They named the dessert after him?”

Teacher’s Assistant: “Uh… no. ‘Custer.'”

Student #1: “They name all sorts of food after military people. I just assumed…”

Teacher’s Assistant: “What the… what food is named after military people?”

Student #1: “Well… Caesar salad.”

Student #2: “Captain Crunch!”

Teacher’s Assistant: “[Student #1], his name was George Custerrrrrrrr, and people tend not to name food after military figures. Proceed.”

Student #1: “Uh… okay. Well, uh… wait! What about General Mills?”

(After the report…)

Teacher’s Assistant: “[Student #1], you’ve read three books about Little Bighorn. How did you never notice there was no ‘D’ in ‘Custer?'”

Student #2: “He got it mixed up with his grade!”