Oblivious To The Obvious

| USA | Related | August 29, 2014

(I just finished cooking some noodles and am about to attempt to pour out the extra water in the pot into the sink. However, it sloshes out of the sink and, as it is boiling hot, burns me quite badly. At this time I am home alone.)

Me: “Oh, s***!”

(I drop the pot, causing more water to spill, and leap backwards to avoid it, knocking into the table.)

Me: *I fully register the pain of the burn* “OW!”

(I run to the freezer and look for an ice pack, only to realize the only one is at the bottom of the freezer. I begin tossing things out of the way, rushing as fast as possible to cool the burn. Just as I mutter another swear, my mother walks in. She sees me clutching my stomach (where the burn was), swearing, kneeling on the floor, surrounded by frozen food and a puddle of water.)

Mom: *cheerfully* “Hi! How’s everything going?”


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