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Obeyed The Golden Rule

, , , , | Right | November 14, 2017

(I am working in a department store as a front-end cashier and have been cross-trained in multiple departments, but just enough to cover breaks and lunches. I am opening one morning and have just clocked in when the store manager asks me to cover the jewelry counter as the scheduled associate has called out sick. It is only about ten minutes before store opening and the count reconciliation and set up takes about half hour, minimum, for a well-trained associate in that department. I’ve never done it before so I know there is no way I’ll be ready by the time the doors open. I am counting the gold understock when, just after the store doors open, a customer approaches the counter. Although it means I’ll have to start the count over when I get a chance, I acknowledge his presence and let him know I’ll be glad to help just as soon as I’ve replaced the trays in the cabinet and locked it, which will only take a few moments.)

Customer: “You need to stop what you are doing and help me now. The customer always comes first.”

Me: “I just need to put this away and I’ll be right with you.”

Customer: “I said, ‘Now.’ You can complete that later!”

Me: “I can’t leave this merchandise out. I’m almost done.”

Customer: “B****, I need help now, right this second, now! Not in a moment!”

Me: *as I close and lock the cabinet door, frustrated at the situation and at the customer both, and unable to continue to be polite* “If I were to leave this product out and not locked up as is required, there wouldn’t be anyone, b**** or otherwise, to help you at all! Now, how can this b**** help you?”

(Surprisingly, I didn’t get in trouble.)

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