Obey The Dress Code Of Silence

| Friendly | January 15, 2016

(I have a neurological disorder that affects my senses. In most people, it makes some senses sharper and some duller, but in my case it has made all of my senses far too sharp. As a result, I am physically incapable of wearing most clothing and dress very selectively. My middle school has a dress code that I am exempt from. I get asked about it a lot, and it really gets on my nerves, so I tend to give people snappy responses.)

Kid: “Hey, why are you allowed to be out of dress code?”

Me: *has had a long day and is ready to slap someone* “Why is that your business?”

Kid: “Well, I wanna be out of dress code, too!”

Me: *snaps* “You know what? I’ll trade with you! You can live in my life! You can have to leave every event you go to because it’s too loud! You can be incapable of wearing a collared shirt or jeans because it literally gives you a panic attack! I wish I could be in dress code! Did it ever occur to you that if someone is allowed to be out of dress code, there’s probably a freakin’ good reason for it? Now get out! I’m tired, I’m angry, and I’m about to go to class with a teacher who hates me.”

Kid: “…”

(That felt amazing. I also gained much more confidence after shutting him down like that! Little brat had it coming.)

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