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Obese With The Wrong Opinion

, , , | Right | June 27, 2017

(During the summer our store has a garden center. One day I am helping a customer load 35 40 lb bags of topsoil into her SUV. By helping, I mean she plays on her phone while I do all the lifting. By the last few bags I am sweating like a pig and out of breath. I close the tailgate on her car, said “There you go! Have a good one!” and instead of a thank you, I get this:)

Customer: “You’re kinda chunky, aren’t ya?”

Me: “…”

Customer: “If you lost a few pounds, you wouldn’t be so out of breath.”

Me: “Umm, I have asthma, ma’am.”

Customer: *totally ignoring what I just said* “That’s the trouble with you kids now; your parents let you have anything you want instead of practicing a little restraint. That’s the number one cause of child obesity these days.”

Me: “I’m 37 years old, and while I’ll admit I’m not at my ideal weight, I would hardly consider myself obese, thank you. To tell you the truth it’s not so much the overeating that makes me the way I am, but all the drinking I do to cope with situations like this.”

Customer: “M’kay! Have a nice day!”

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