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Obamacaring For The Environment

| Right | March 17, 2017

(I’m shopping for some groceries and waiting in line to pay. The lady in front of me is paying for her things and loudly complaining. Note: California has just passed a ban on free plastic bags at stores, so you have to pay for them or bring your own.)

Cashier: “Would you like a bag?”

Customer: “Please, as many as you can give me.”

Cashier: “Just so you know, they’re 10 cents each.”

Customer: “I don’t care. It’s bull-s*** that we have to pay for these. Do they expect me to just carry my stuff to my car and then to my house? Does anyone know how much work that is? Does anybody want to explain the logic behind such a silly and needless law?”

Me: “It’s called the environment, ma’am. You know, trying to protect it so we can live on it.”

Customer: “Whatever. I’m a Trump supporter. We don’t believe in such nonsense as environment issues and climate change and science, I think you kids call it nowadays. It’s all God’s work and Trump is here to follow God and not the bullshit Democrats call ‘science.’ We’re lucky that God-hating Muslim Obama is gone. He supported this bull-s***.”

(She left still ranting about the Democrats and how Obama screwed America because he supported science.)

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