O Sister, Where Art Thou?

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I’m the only girl in my family and have three younger brothers. I spent most of my second year of life begging for a sister, and was very unhappy when my first brother was born. When I was seven years old, my mom got pregnant again and I was really hoping she’d have a baby girl.

I didn’t know the gender of the baby until my dad and grandfather brought me and my five-year-old first brother to the hospital to see Mom and the new baby. My brother was bored by the whole affair, but I was curious because I really wanted a sister.

But alas, my parents introduced me to my second brother. According to my parents and grandfather, I took one look at the new baby, looked a mix of disgusted and disappointed, and asked, “Another boy?”

My grandfather nearly had to leave the room, he was laughing so hard. I never did get my requested sister. Thankfully, I didn’t do this when my third brother was born two years later!

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