O, Canaduh, Part 3

| Working | November 18, 2013

(It’s July 1st. I’m closing up the store I work at and call my owner with the daily numbers. While our store is in Oregon, the owner has gone up to British Columbia, Canada, to supervise our on-the-road team.)

Me: “Hey [Owner], just calling in with the report.”

Owner: “What are you doing working so late?”

Me: “Closing the store? I know I’m usually in earlier, but I’m covering a scheduling gap.”

Owner: “No, I mean, why didn’t the store close early today?”

Me: “We don’t close early until Thursday.”

Owner: “Why? What’s on Thursday? Canada day is TODAY!”

Me: “Um, Thursday is July 4th. Independence Day. Remember? We don’t celebrate Canada day just because you’re in Canada.”

Owner: “But it’s Canada Day TODAY!”

(As it turns out, when my coworker called in the numbers on July 4th, the owner again became confused as to why we were closing early!)


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