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O, Canaduh, Part 12

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I work at a theme park with a world showcase that’s staffed by citizens of each of those countries. I’m Canadian so I’m working in the Canadian Pavilion. We have a trivia quiz at the main checkout counter, and one question is, “How many provinces and territories do we have, and can you name them?” Sadly, most guests who aren’t from Canada don’t know and then joke when wrong.

Guest: “Five provinces and no territories; that’s a trick question. They are British Columbia, Montreal, Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver.”

Me: “Sorry, but that’s not correct. We have ten provinces and three territories. Here, I’ll show you on our map.”

Guest: “This is a fake map. I’m a grade five teacher and I teach the Canadian unit, so I know more about Canada than others.”

Before I could get my brain working to figure out if she was serious or not, she was called away to her family. I really hoped she was kidding and wasn’t passing on wrong information to new generations.

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