NYU and FU Too

| Working | June 1, 2017

(This happened years ago. At the time I am at work at a dead-end retail job, and I am on my break. On this day, I start browsing on my phone to while away the remaining minutes before I have to go back onto the floor. Months ago, I had applied to several graduate programs to expand my career options, and as I browse my phone, I see I have an email from NYU, my top choice school and easily the best program for my area of study. The subject line reads “Congratulations!” I swear my heart literally skips a beat, and I begin shaking with excitement as I read the letter that says I’ve been accepted. My coworkers who are also in the back are all thrilled for me, too. I’m elated and absolutely freaking out, to the point that, at the end of my 15-minute break, I know I still need a few minutes to calm down. Luckily, during a recent, friendly in-store competition, I was awarded an extra 15-minute break to use whenever I want. I go out onto the floor and grab my manager.)

Me: “Hey, I know I just went on my 15-minutes, but I just got some news and I need a couple minutes to compose myself. Can I use my extra break?”

Manager: *kind of confused, but acquiescing* “Yeah, go ahead.”

(I go into the back again and take the extra time to calm down. I’m still in the best mood in the world when I get back, but I’m much more composed.)

Manager: *when I get back on the floor* “So what had you so worked up you needed some extra time?”

Me: *practically squealing* “I found out I got into NYU!”

Manager: *deadpan, and totally serious* “So when do I need to take you off the schedule by?”

(If I hadn’t been on cloud nine, her complete lack of support or excitement would have deflated me, but all I could register at the time was vague astonishment and amusement. It still makes me chuckle. No “congrats,” no “wow, that’s great.” Just, “when are you leaving?” Thanks, Manager. I never liked you anyway.)

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