Nursing A Hangover

| Learning | January 31, 2014

(I’m an RA in my university’s residence, so I have a certificate in standard first aid. I am complaining to my mom about one of the other RAs I work with.)

Me: “He went to me and asked if there was any nursing students on my floor that could come help him with something. I said no, and when I tried to ask what was wrong, he just ran away mumbling something about a girl with a panic attack! I tried to chase after him but he was too fast. When I got a hold of him, he said that the residence coordinator was there helping.”

Mom: “So what’s wrong?”

Me: “What’s wrong is that he and another RA were trying to find a student not employed by university to do their job for them! We all know first aid and have been trained extensively for such situations. It’s one thing if they didn’t know what to do, but to skip past the other RAs and employees and try to drag a student who has nothing to do with the situation is just unnecessary! If he could have just told me what was happening, I would have rushed to the scene and helped until the RC came.”

Mom: “Well, maybe these nursing students know more about panic attacks than you guys do.”

Me: “Mom, the nursing student on my floor once swore to me that she had norovirus when it was actually a hangover.”

Mom: “A panic attack is different.”

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