The Numbers Aren’t Adding Up

, , | Right | April 10, 2018

(I am not in the store when a lady comes in looking to purchase either a PS4 or an Xbox One. My manager explains the ups and downs of both systems and allows the customer to look around. My manager is surprised when she comes up wanting both the Xbox One and the PS4. When it comes time to pay:)

Customer: “You’re going to have to manually enter my card in, because it doesn’t swipe right.”

Manager: “We aren’t allowed to do that, so please go ahead and give it a try.”

(The card reads fine, so she changes it to credit. By store policy, my manager asks to see both the card and a photo ID to match the name to the card. Both names match, and it is indeed her in the photo, but the register tells him that the numbers don’t match. He tries again. Same message. My manager looks at the first four numbers that show on the screen and the first four on the card. They don’t match. He then turns the card around to see that someone has obviously put a black card strip over the original.)

Manager: “Because the numbers don’t match, we are not allowed to accept your card.”

(The customer leaves. Now, I am working. A woman comes in. She is super nice, complimenting my shirt and trying to make small talk.)

Me: “So, what brings you in today?”

Customer: “Oh, I’m just here to get a game I tried to get yesterday.”

Me: “Oh, okay. What game was that?”

Customer: “Well, actually it was a PS4, and an Xbox one.”

Me: *red flag goes off* “Oh, both? Okay. I can help you with that.”

(I ring the lady up and we get to the payment part.)

Customer: “So, my card doesn’t read very well, and the gentleman from yesterday had to manually enter it for it to work. You’ll just have to do that again.”

Me: *playing oblivious* “Oh… Well, we actually can’t manually enter cards. We aren’t allowed to, unless they are gift cards or trade cards.”

Customer: *sounding defensive and annoyed, and raising her voice* “Well, that’s what the guy did yesterday, and…”

Me: “Look. If you are the woman from yesterday who my boss told me about, he did not manually enter your card. You swiped your card and the numbers didn’t match, so he told you we couldn’t accept it. Now, if you want, you can go ahead and try giving it another swipe, but if the numbers don’t match, I cannot accept your card.”

(She swipes her card. Surprise, the numbers don’t match. I look her straight in the eye.)

Me: “Your numbers don’t match. We will not accept this card.”

(She left quickly. We mentioned it to a police officer who was there for an unrelated incident, but since she didn’t actually buy anything with the card, he said there wasn’t much he could do.)

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