The Number One Car Problem

, , , , | Right | April 10, 2018

(An older female customer calls with a complaint about her car.)

Customer: “Since you serviced my car last week, my tire is leaking. There is a puddle under it that gets bigger every day.”

Me: *trying to think what would leak fluid near the tire* “Have you been running the windshield washer fluid to clear the frost off the windows in the morning? The drain is near there.”

Customer: “No, I think the tire fluid is leaking.”

Me: *at a complete loss but thinking possibly brake fluid or a strut is leaking* “Bring it in; we’ll take a look.”

(The customer shows up with an obvious water stain on the outside of her tire. Our tech agrees to take a look and drives it into the shop. I give his analysis to the lady.)

Me: “The tech looked at your car, and that liquid is dog urine.”

Customer: “But the puddle gets bigger every morning.”

Me: “Once a dog finds a place to mark, it tends to become a popular spot for other dogs.”

Customer: “A dog is peeing on my car tire every day?!”

Me: “Looks like it.”

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