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Now You’re Toying With Him

| Right | December 24, 2016

(It is near Christmas time. At about six pm this woman comes up with her daughter who is about five years old. As I am ringing up their items an older gentleman comes in. He’s overweight with a red nose from the cold, a thick white beard, half rimmed glasses, a really old Santa hat on his head, and a red and black plaid fleece coat on. As he walks by the little girl stares at him in awe.)

Little Girl: *whispering to her mother* “Was that Santa?”

Mother: *smiling* “Well, I don’t know. It could be!”

(The little girl then looks at me for confirmation and I shrug.)

Me: “Well, we DO have a landing strip on the roof for his sleigh. Where do you think we get all of our toys from?”

(She just looked so excited as I saw the magic fill her eyes. The mother smiled at me and as they left I heard the girl say.)

Little Girl: “Can we look for the sleigh?”

Mother: “Sure!”

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