Now The Boss O’s U

| Working | January 16, 2014

(My boss comes into my work area, looking for a project we worked on some time ago. I keep all our projects in a couple of rows of filing cabinets, filed in alphabetical order by project name.)

Boss: “[My Name], where is [Project #1]? It’s not in the book!”

Me: “If it’s not in the book, it should still be easy to find. Just look for a project closest to it by name.”

(My boss looks in the book, and sees another project.)

Boss: “Okay, here’s [Project #2]. [My Name], where is [Project #1]? I don’t see it.”

(I look in the drawer, and I see the index tab for [Project #1]. I point to it.)

Me: “It’s right there, [Boss].”

Boss: “Why is it in front of [Project #2]? Why do you have [Project #1, whose name begins with C-R-O] in front of [Project 2, whose name begins with C-R-U]?”

Me: “The projects are filed in alphabetical order by name. I or someone else may have accidentally misfiled.”

(I trail off, looking again at the tabs. They’re in the right order.)

Me: “…huh. They’re in the correct order, [Boss].”

Boss: “No, they’re not.”

(My boss recites the letters of alphabet while ticking off on his fingers, as if he was counting.)

Boss: “L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U…”

Me: *shaking with laughter*

Boss: “Shut up. Sometimes you drive me to drink, [My Name]!”

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