Now THAT Is A Resolution Specialist

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I work for a national insurance company. Insurance is highly regulated as it’s one of the only organizations whose prices vary due to risks like age, location, education, gender, etc., from state to state.

One of the ways we assess risks is by doing occasional inspections — going to properties and seeing if they are in a good, safe condition. 

I get an escalated — supervisor-level — call from a customer. She has spoken with us several times over the last few weeks. We are cancelling her insurance because she doesn’t have steps to access the front door to her home… just a sheer dropoff. 

Me: “Miss [Customer]? Thanks so much for holding. My name is [My Name]. I’m a resolution specialist. The previous representative said you had some concerns about the cancellation stays of your home policy. How can I help?”

The customer goes on to explain how she has called us several times, how she has had the stairs installed, etc. I can see that we have gone through all appropriate channels and requested exceptions from managers and the like. All requests have been denied and the final standing is that we cannot provide her coverage. She has been notified of this by several different people, several times, over several days.

Customer: “I don’t care what your managers have said. You will give me coverage.”

Me: “Oh! I’m so sorry for the frustration this has caused. I can see you’ve spent a great deal of time with us on this matter. Let me just say, I really appreciate your interest in wanting to still be a customer with us after all this inconvenience, and time, and effort, and…”

Customer: “Wait. Continue to be a customer? No. Actually, I don’t want to be your customer anymore!”

CLICK! Problem solved.

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