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Now She Has Them Under Her Spell

| Related | January 4, 2014

(My mother has a friend who she used to work for as a maid. One day she, my little brother, and I go to have Thanksgiving dinner at her friend’s house. On the way home:)

Brother: *in awe* “Wow, mom! That lady was so nice to us!”

Mom: “Yes. She was.”

Brother: “With all the stories that you’ve told me about her, I thought she’d be a witch!”

Mom: “That’s not nice to call someone a witch!”

Brother: “But that’s what YOU called her! I expected that she’d wear all black and have a broom!”

Me: “Mom, you did say that.”

Mom: “Well… She did treat me horribly when I was working for her, but now she’s nice.”

Me: “Just be glad [Brother] didn’t say that in her face!”

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