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Now Listen, Boys And Girls And Anyone In Between…

, , , | Related | July 23, 2019

(I’m always trying to find excuses to help expand my four-year-old goddaughter’s worldview, which led to this interesting exchange:)

Goddaughter: “I’ll be the princess.”

Me: “No fair. Why can’t I be a princess?”

Goddaughter: “Because you’re a boy. Boys can’t be princesses.”

Me: “Why can’t a boy be a princess?”

Goddaughter: “Because princesses are girls.”

Me: “Well, what if I decided I want to be a girl? Can I be a princess, then?”

Goddaughter: “You can’t be a girl because girls have eggs and boys have sperm.”

(Her mother has recently explained to her how she was conceived using a sperm donor, and she retained the lesson well.)

Me: “Some people are born with a penis but end up being girls, and some people that are born with a vagina end up being boys.”

Goddaughter: “How?”

Me: “Sometimes someone will feel like a girl inside, even though they are born with a penis, and so they will decide they are really a girl and live like one. And some people who are born with a vagina end up deciding that they are a boy.”

(We go back and forth a little, explaining the concept to her. Her mother, who has been in the kitchen listening in, chips in to add an example.)

Mother: “You know [Friend]? His daddy is the one that was pregnant with him.”

Goddaughter: “Really? You mean in his belly?”

Me: “Yes. [Friend’s Dad] was born with a vagina and got pregnant with [Friend] before he realized he didn’t feel like a girl and started living as a boy, instead.”

Goddaughter: *shocked exasperation* “Why didn’t anyone tell me?!”

Mother: “You knew him when he was still a girl; it’s not our fault you forgot.”

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