Now We Know Why The Wife Ran Away

, , , | Right | March 9, 2018

(It is an average day for me at the large clothing outlet store where I work. Whilst on the shop floor, a man in his late 60s suddenly approaches me. He moves directly towards me and gets my attention. It is not uncommon for customers to inquire about our products, so I prepare for what I presume will be a clothes-related question by fixing a professional smile to my face.)

Customer: “Have you seen my wife?”

(I do not know this man, never mind his wife.)

Me: *taken aback* “Er, no, sorry… What does she look like?”

Customer: *visibly annoyed* “Never mind!” *pointing at my name badge* “So much for ‘Happy to help’!” *walks off*

(My name badge literally just contains my name. Nowhere does it say, “Happy to help,” which isn’t a slogan used by our company. My name does not even contain any of the letters used within the words “happy,” “to,” or “help.”)

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