Now It Smells Like Fish AND Flowers!

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My company booked a hotel room for a work convention I have to attend. I get lucky and it is a pretty nice place, better than I would normally book myself. Unfortunately, it is one mess-up after the next: missing booking, wrong room, room unclean, and delay after delay. Eventually, I have to leave the hotel just to get away from sitting in the lobby for the hour it is taking to get the room sorted and the billing confirmed.

I do eventually get my room; after all that, it isn’t even that clean. I end up cleaning the bathroom and picking up litter in the room. I see that they have put a bunch of flowers on the bed, clearly as an apology, but at this point it feels like an empty gesture. As a man in his thirties traveling on his own, and with severe hay fever, I don’t really want or need them. They eventually end up in the bin so I can sleep. 

The issues carry on through my stay, despite many attempts to resolve them. I have a terrible stay. After a few days, the convention is over and I am keen to get away. I drop my keys off and check that the bill is okay.

I see the same receptionist I have dealt with many times on this visit.

Receptionist: “Okay, so room 304. Oh, I see.”

Me: “Is there a problem?”

Receptionist: “I have a note that there was a problem with your room cleanliness. Did this get resolved to your satisfaction?”

Me: “Yeah, it was okay, I guess.”

Receptionist: “It’s just that I see housekeeping delivered some flowers to your room, and they were a little… surprised to see them just… thrown away.”

Me: “Do I look like a guy who wants flowers?”

Receptionist: “Well, no, but still—”

Me: “What was I supposed to do with them, exactly? There was no vase, and I have a three-hour drive home.”

Receptionist: “But still, the housekeeping felt—”

Me: “I’m sorry, but no one was concerned about the many mistakes with my room service, the missing toiletries that I had to end up buying myself, the AC that didn’t work, or the repeated noise I complained about. But some flowers get put in the bin and that’s a priority?”

Receptionist: “Well, no, but—”

Me: “Are we finished here?”

Receptionist: “Would you like to sign up for our rewards program?”

Me: “No, thank you. I don’t think I will be back.”

I told my company to remove the hotel from the list, which they did. I still cannot believe a hotel that expensive was so backward in customer support.

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