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Now I (Don’t) Know My ABCs

, , , | Right | March 15, 2011

Me: “I just need you to type in ‘Http’.”

Caller: “Hptp?”

Me: “‘H’ like hotel, ‘T’ like tom, ‘T’ like tom, ‘P’ like papa.”

Caller: “Htcp?”

Me: “Almost. ‘H’ like hotel, ‘T’ like Tom, ‘T’ like Tom, ‘P’ like Papa.”

Caller: “Chtc?”

Me: “Our connection must be rough.” *very slowly* “‘H’ like hoooteeel, ‘T’ like Tommm, ‘T’ like Tommm, ‘P’ like Paaapaaa.”

Caller: “Oh! Ghtc!”

Me: “Let me send you a link.”

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