Now Hiring: Omniscient Employees

| | Right | February 23, 2009

Me: ¬†”Good morning, this is ***. How may I help you?”

Caller: ¬†”Hi there! ¬†About a month ago you guys had a festival in the
park, right?”

Me: ¬†”Yes, we did. It was excellent. Did you attend it?”

Caller: ¬†”No,¬†I had just remembered seeing the ad for it in the newspaper.”

Me: ¬†”Okay. Well, that one is over but we will be having another Christmas festival in December.”

Caller: ¬†”That’s fantastic, but I was wondering… above your ad was an ad for a jewelry store. ¬†Do you remember?”

Me: ¬†”No, I don’t, I’m sorry. I just placed the ad.¬†I didn’t really see it in the newspaper.”

Caller: ¬†”Well, it was for a jewelry store… I was wondering if you knew what store it was and if you have their number handy?”

Me: ¬†”Umm, no I don’t. Maybe you can call the newspaper and find out?”

Caller: ¬†”Well, why don’t YOU have it?! It was above YOUR ad!”

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