Now Entering The Neutral Friendship Zone

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(My roommate, her friend, and I are attending a very small gaming event, and we are immediately drawn in by a table that is giving out samples of snacks and beer, and which features game designers promoting their newest projects. My roommate, an avid gamer, is constantly on the lookout for fun new games to play, and as such, gets sucked into one that a designer has brought with him. She seems to have cleared the first level all right, but is struggling with the second.)

Roommate: “UGH! This level is so hard! Are there cheat codes?”

Designer: *laughing* “No, sorry.”

Me: “Oh, no, Kirk! There are no Kobayashi Maru codes! Whatever will you do?”

Roommate: “Shut up, Spock. It is illogical to mock a gamer when she’s losing.”

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