November Top Story Roundup

| Not Always Related | Related | December 2, 2012

November Top Story Roundup: Here are Not Always Related’s top-rated stories for the month of November!

  1. No Longer Pudding Up With It (755 thumbs up)
    A grandfather decides not to “pud up” with his daughter’s constant berating of his grandson!
  2. Pranksgiving (700 thumbs up)
    A mother teams up with her child to scare the stuffing out of her other not-so-bright daughter.
  3. You’ll Just Have To Settle For The Flying Car (616 thumbs up)
    A father proves to his surprised Harry Potter-reading daughter that he’s no mere Muggle!
  4. Night-Rider (555 thumbs up)
    Propriety takes a backseat in this unexpectedly race-y conversation between a 10-year-old boy and his parents.
  5. The Moo-ving Dead (532 thumbs up)
    Don’t have a cow: your little girl may be a zombie bovine, but she’s definitely all brains!

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