November Top Story Roundup

Not Always Romantic | Romantic | December 2, 2012

November Top Story Roundup: Here are Not Always Romantic’s top-rated stories for the month of November!

  1. Undergarment Overreaction (751 thumbs up)
    This elderly couple shopping for undergarments is definitely more frisky than frail!
  2. She Has Comic Timing (708 thumbs up)
    A Comicon couple literally takes the high ground with a trolling customer and his son.
  3. Good Thing She Didn’t Tell Him To Take A Hike (651 thumbs up)
    Marriage proposals are a real leap of faith, especially when you do it on top of a mountain!
  4. A Love From The Movies (637 thumbs up)
    Geek love doesn’t happen often, so this supermarket bagger is glad they got a second chance!
  5. Their Love Is In A Class Of Its Own (600 thumbs up)
    Love is meant to be shared… just not with your entire university class!

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