The Notion Of This Potion Is Magic

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(I work as a secretary for a busy lawyer. Towards the end of the year the office is incredibly busy as clients remember all the “urgent” things they had lying around for weeks, but which now can’t wait till after the holidays. As per his wishes, I’m trying to keep people away from my boss, but even so, his schedule is completely full. When an important client calls, I make no promises to the client, but let my boss know that in this case the customer may be right, and it does seem urgent. It is, so they arrange for a phone call. During the day, I often tiptoe into my boss’ office to get signatures, and I happen to walk in while he is talking to this client. I only catch this gem:)

Boss: “Gosh, no. We’re incredibly busy, that’s all; Ms. [My Name] is fighting tooth and nail to get me some breathing space, but it’s just not happening. So far, no one’s invented a magic potion or anything.”

(I get an idea, so I leave quickly and return a few minutes later to place a fresh cup of coffee on his desk. My boss glances at it and starts laughing.)

Boss: *still on the phone* “I’m so sorry! Ms. [My Name] has found the magic potion and brought me coffee.” *pause* “No, you can’t have her. I found her and I’m keeping her.”

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