Nothing To Be Anxious About

, , | Hopeless | April 21, 2017

(I have a panic attack one morning, and even the thought of going to class makes me start hyperventilating, so even though we have a quiz and I know it’s probably a bad idea, I email my teacher and stay home. Later in the day, right after the class starts, one of the girls in my lab group texts me.)

Classmate: “Hey, you okay?”

(I told her what was wrong, and asked her to make sure the teacher saw my email, and to my amazement, she did so much more. She made sure the teacher knew exactly why I was gone, she arranged an alternate time for me to take the quiz and told me exactly what material it will cover, she snapped pictures of all the slides and materials we went over in class that day, as well as her own notes, and emailed it to me as soon as class ended — about forty pages total. When I tried to thank her, she told me that she had anxiety attacks too, and she knew how rough it could be, and wanted to do what she could to help out. Thanks to her, I got to recover without falling behind in my classes, and I got to make up the quiz later, when I was feeling better. Labmates rule!)

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