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Nothing Like Sports To Bring Us Together

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I am at the window of a well-known fast food chicken restaurant that is closed on Sundays. As it is currently in the negatives temperature-wise, I’m wearing a scarf and a knit hat. Both my scarf and hat are the green and gold colors of a professional football team that happens to be rivals of the favorite purple and gold team that most people in my area root for.

[Cashier #1] opens the window.

Cashier #1: “Your total will be—”

He then stops, stares at me, scowls, and slams the window shut. I sit there, confused, for a few moments, trying to figure out what happened, when the window opens again.

Cashier #2: “Hi, what are you still waiting for?”

Me: “Everything. The guy started to take my payment and then, for some reason, stopped and slammed the window shut.”

[Cashier #2] looked confused but took my payment and said she’d grab a manager while I waited for my food.

After a few moments, the manager came with my food and an apology. Turns out the cashier was a HUGE fan of the team most people in the area support, and the team I support had beat them in a playoff game the night before, knocking his team out of Superbowl contention. Seeing my hat and scarf, he refused to wait on me.

The manager apologized and gave me a free cookie and shake for my troubles. I’ve been back through that drive-thru several times and haven’t seen that cashier since.

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