Nothing But Cold Callers All Day

, , , , | Right | March 20, 2020

(It’s been extremely hot lately and our ice machine is broken. Obviously, whenever someone orders cold drinks, we tell them that it’s impossible as politely as possible. A lady walks up to my counter with someone already on her trail waiting patiently in line.) 

Me: “Bonjour, Hi! How can I help you?”

Customer: “Uh… Hi.” *staring at the menu* “I’ll get… a Frappe… with the…”

Me: *to avoid going any further* “Um, excuse me? Unfortunately, I can’t make smoothies right now since my ice machine is broken. Actually, I can’t make anything cold, sorry.”

Customer: “Oh! Well, then I guess I’ll get an iced coffee.” 

Me: “Er… well, I can’t. My ice machine is broken, unfortunately.”

Customer:Oh! Right! Well, I guess I’ll have to have an iced latte!”

(I feel like asking the woman if she is completely daft.)

Me: “Ma’am… please listen to me. We cannot make anything cold. No cold drinks, smoothies, or otherwise.” 

Customer: “Ew! Never mind, then!” 

(The girl leaves, and the person behind her, who’s been staring at our exchange the whole time, looks straight into my eyes.) 

Customer #2: “Um… Can I get an iced cappuccino?”

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