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Notes On Drug Taking

| Learning | October 27, 2016

(I get a text from a student a year behind me in my department; I show the messages to a friend.)

(Late night:)

Student: “Hey, remember the stuff! I need it.”

(The next morning:)

Student: “Hey, can I meet up with you today to get that stuff?”

Me: “I got the stuff.”

Student: “Okay, I can come by [Unmarked Campus Building] later.”

Me: “Okay.”

(My friend is reading and laughs, and asks me what am I am giving her, so I show him the next part of the exchange:)

Me: “This sounds like a drug deal… It’s notes… Okay, notes on drugs… It’s a drug notes deal!”

(He laughs. She comes to pick up the notes. I find her in the dark lobby corner with sunglasses on.)

Student: “I’m so paranoid; I am going to get in trouble for this.”

Me: “You think you’re going to be in trouble for me giving you my old class notes?”

Student: “Yes!”

Me: “Well, I’m only giving them to you if you promise to pass it on to the next class, too.”

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