Notable For Who Passed

| Learning | February 17, 2015

(I am in grade 10. My Indonesian teacher has spent weeks encouraging students to take notes in class, with little success. It is the day before our major exam for the semester.)

Teacher: “All right, quick experiment. I want everyone to show me their books.”

(She proceeds to look over every notebook in the class. I and one other student are the only two who have more than a single page of notes.)

Teacher: *sigh* “I’ve changed my mind about your exam tomorrow.”

(There is a cheer from the students who’ve failed to write anything down.)

Teacher: “It will now be an open book exam. [My Name] and [Other Name], I’ll hold on to your notebooks until tomorrow for safekeeping. You will get them back before the exam starts. Everyone else, feel free to study whatever notes you’ve made, but I can guarantee it won’t help you at all.”

(Easiest exam I ever sat; the two of us aced the exam, and everyone else failed!)

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