Not YouTube But MyTube

| Learning | October 23, 2016

(I am in the computer room for a German class. Our teacher is known for being very funny and hilariously sarcastic. This happens 5 minutes into the lesson…)

Girl #1: “[My Name], are we allowed to listen to music?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Girl #1: “Can you ask [German Teacher] for me, then? Don’t tell her I asked.”

(I approach German Teacher’s desk.)

Me: “[German Teacher], are we allowed to listen to music as well as do the work? [Girl #1] wanted me to ask.”

German Teacher: “Of course. As long as I don’t see YouTube open on your computer, that’s fine!” *winks at me*

(I go back to my computer and repeat everything German Teacher said to Girl #1. At this point, news has spread that we’re able to listen to music. Note that my teacher has software to see our screens on her computer. Everyone proceeds to open YouTube. Ten minutes later…)

Girl #1: “Hey, why’s my music closed?”

Me: “Maybe it’s just a glitch, try opening it again.”

(She does, but it shuts down again.)

Girl #1: “It’s still shutting down!”

Girl #2: “So is mine!”

Girl #3: “And mine, too!”

(Two minutes in, the whole class has had their YouTube closed by our teacher except me. At this point, they know that it’s our teacher closing the YouTube windows, but she hasn’t closed mine.)

Girl #4: “Hey, how come [My Name] gets to use YouTube?”

Girl #5: “[German Teacher], why does [My Name] get to use YouTube and we don’t?”

German Teacher: “I said YouTube wasn’t meant to be seen by me.” *winks at me again*

(The rest of the lesson went without any complaining. My YouTube was never closed and I still have this teacher.)

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