Not. Your. Body. Not. Your. Business.

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I’ve made the decision to cut my hair short. I’m an adult female and have always had waist-length hair, so going down to pixie-length is a big change for me. I live with my partner, but because of my unsociable shift pattern at the time, I spend the day of the big chop at my parents’ house. My mum and I have the following conversation at least three times.

Mum: “What does [Partner] think about you cutting your hair so short?”

Me: “He said he doesn’t care because it’s not his hair. He’s still supportive because he knows it’s what I want. And even if he did care, it wouldn’t change my decision because I’m my own person and not his property.”

The new haircut looks even better than expected, and I’m so taken with my new style that I keep it. Every time I visit my parents, my mum asks when I’m planning to grow my hair out again.

Shortly before the world goes insane and everything gets locked down, I get several additional piercings in each ear, including a couple of cartilage piercings. The next time I see my mum, she expresses her disapproval but doesn’t push the point. Until I leave the room. 

On my way back into the room, I overhear the following.

Mum: “I really don’t like it. What do you think? Did she tell you she was doing it?”

Partner: “Of course, she did. I think it looks great. And I know she’s happy with it, which is important.”

Mum: “Don’t you think it looks unprofessional, though? Can’t you tell her to get rid of it?”

Partner: “Not really. And it’s her decision.”

Since being in lockdown, my partner and I have been cutting each others’ hair with clippers. When mum saw it over video call, she threw a fit. Telling her [Partner] had done it shut her right up. 

My parents have always been traditional, but I’ll never understand why my mum put more emphasis on my partner’s opinion of my style than my own!

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