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Not What You’re Expecting When Your Sister’s Expecting

| Friendly | June 24, 2015

(I’m buying several items for a baby shower gift – blankets, towels, crib sheets, etc. The cashier is very friendly and starts making conversation. Note that I’m quite short and petite, and I am wearing my work uniform from a different retail chain.)

Cashier: “So, are you buying a gift for someone today?”

Me: “Yes! My sister is pregnant; her baby shower is next week.”

Cashier: “Congratulations! You must be excited about becoming an aunt!”

Me: “Definitely! My whole family is very excited!”

(The customer behind me has evidently heard our conversation and interrupts us.)

Customer: “Your family should be ashamed of her!”

Me: *shocked* “Excuse me?”

Customer: *getting increasingly angry* “You’re a family of drop outs! You ought to be ashamed. You working at [Other Retail Chain] instead of going to school, and now your sister leaving because she’s a w**** who got pregnant!”

(I’m shaken by this remark, but I’m not going to let her get away with it.)

Me: “Exactly how old do you think I am?”

Customer: “You are clearly no more than 13 or 14. How old is your sister? 16? Shameful!”

Me: “With all due respect, I’m a 19-year-old third year university student who works at [Other Retail Chain] to pay off my debts. My sister is 30, and ironically the situation is the exact opposite of what you are saying. She wanted to start having children before it got too late!”

Customer: *pauses for a moment* “It’s still shameful if she’s not married!”

Me: “I’ll let my brother-in-law know.”

(She dropped her things at the counter and fled.)


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