Not What We Mean By “Racism Is A White People Problem”

, , | Right | September 1, 2020

I’m a black female working at a theater at my university while a play is going on about racism. An elderly couple walks up wanting a refund. On the back of the tickets, it says that all sales are final.

Patron Husband: “I want a refund; I didn’t enjoy the show.”

Me: “Unfortunately, sir, there are no refunds.” *Flips over the ticket*

Patron Husband: “No offense, but they have racism all wrong.”

I look at one of my ushers because I am confused.

Patron Husband: “Racism happened because of the lack of fathers and incarcerations in black people. I know because it happened to Irish people like me.”

Me: “Sir, racism happened because of systemic oppression from slavery and the unfair treatment of people of color, many who, like myself, have both parents in their lives.”

Patron Wife: “We just want our money back, and since you won’t give it to us, we’ll call your boss.”

I texted my boss, telling her what happened, and she told me there were still no refunds.

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