Not Very Thankful For Your Birthdate

| Related | January 5, 2016

(My birthday is on November 26. Somehow, this is a date that confuses people. My family wished me a happy 16th on November 29. One year later, they remembered on November 28. For my 18th, I remind them. I point out that my birthday is on Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, no one mentions it. I help make dinner. I eat dinner. Then dad speaks up:)

Dad: “I’m glad we’re able to be together today. We have something important for after dinner…”

(I mentally rejoice that he was playing a trick on me.)

Dad: “Get work clothes on! We might not have another good day to rake leaves!”

(I give up on any hope of them remembering. An hour later, my sister calls from Rhode Island.)

Sister: “Hey, is [My Name] there? I wanted to wish her happy 18th!”

(They stuck a candle in pumpkin pie to celebrate. It wasn’t until my 22nd birthday that they got the date right again.)

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