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Not Very Closed-Minded, Part 47

, , , , | Right | August 20, 2021

I work as a manager at a popular fast food place. We are having renovations, so we have to close the store for a day and a half.

We have about a week’s notice, so we put up signs that we will be closing the next Monday and reopening on Tuesday lunchtime. We tell our customers, as well, and let them know that another one of our franchises is less than ten minutes away and still open.

It is Tuesday. Another manager and I are rostered in the morning to clean up and test the equipment and everything before reopening.

Many people come knocking on the door asking to come in, completely ignoring the huge sign that we are closed until lunchtime and the obvious work being done. It’s getting to about two hours before reopening and our staff are slowly arriving for their shifts via the back door.

To get to the back door, you must first enter a huge gate that states, “Authorised Personnel Only.” Inside is our giant dumpster, and there is another gate to the side with another sign saying, “Employees Only,” and then there are our recycling dumpster, chemical cupboards, and the back door, which also has a sign saying, “No entry without manager’s permission.”

Imagine our surprise when an elderly woman and two young children enter through the back door.

Customer: “I couldn’t get in the front door! Also, this entrance is disgusting!”

Me: “Did you not see the signs? We are under construction right now; we are not open. Please leave, as it’s a hazard for you to be here.”

Customer: “What signs?! There are no signs! Can we get some kids’ meals now? This place is gross! There’s dust everywhere!”

Me: “No. We are closed and under construction; however, another location is open. Do you need directions?”

Customer: “No, I don’t drive. I don’t understand why this entrance is so disgusting! In fact, this whole place is disgusting! What type of place are you running here?!”

Me: “We are closed. Leave now; you cannot be here!”

Customer: “Not without my meals; my grandkids are starving! They should be free as this place is disgusting! I’m calling the owner; he’ll be disgusted, too!”

I laugh a little inside as the owners are women.

Me: “Leave, before I call the police!”

Customer: “The owner will be disgusted with his place like this! Come on, kids. She’ll be fired once I call the owner! This place is gross! You hear me? You’ll be fired!”

She turned around and ran into an employee, knocking him to the floor. Again, she started screaming and complaining, but at least she was walking out. Those kids looked mortified. Some people need to learn to read.

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