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Not Very Closed-Minded, Part 41

, , , , | Right | November 15, 2020

I work in the meat department of a grocery store. It is 9:00 pm, we have just closed, and my coworkers and I are cleaning up and tearing down the equipment for the night.

We notice there is still one lady wandering the aisles, but we think nothing of it as there are often one or two customers finishing up their shopping at that time. At 9:15, I look up to see the lady standing at the counter expecting to be served. My assistant manager and I look at each other and he sighs.

Assistant Manager: “Ma’am, unfortunately, the meat counter has closed.”

Customer: “I want [items].”

Luckily, all she wants are a couple of things and we haven’t yet covered up the meat case for the night.

After she walks away, we continue cleaning. Fast forward to 9:45. An assistant taps me on the shoulder and points towards the aisles. The lady is still wandering around. At this point, it is getting ridiculous, but unfortunately, due to company policy, we are not allowed to ask a customer to leave as long as they enter the store before nine. Apparently, she entered right as the grocery assistant was locking the door.

At ten, the grocery assistant stops by to tell an amazing story:

Grocery Assistant: “The lady finally got around to checking out, halfway through the cashier’s computer auto-shutoff at ten, exactly one hour after we closed. None of us have ever experienced this as the cashier system has never been left on that long before.”

Me: “So what did they do?”

Grocery Assistant: “We’re not allowed to turn the system back on until the next day, so there was nothing we could do! They had to tell the lady that she would not be able to get her groceries that she spent an hour after we closed shopping for. She had a tantrum, screaming about how she has to go to [Big Box Store], and swearing at us all.”

I personally don’t believe in Karma, but if it does exist, this is a perfect example. As I was leaving, she was still in the parking lot bawling, with the assistant there trying to calm her down.

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