Not Very Closed-Minded, Part 32

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I work in a popular supermarket in a town five minutes from my own. The people are usually very friendly. For the eight months I’ve worked there, the closing times have never changed and we have always closed at nine pm on a Sunday. On this particular day, it’s been busy and we’re a person down. At precisely nine pm I put the doors onto one-way so that customers who are still inside can get out but no one else can get in.  

After taking my till into the office, I come back out to tills to turn the doors to completely shut. There’s a car that’s just pulled into the disabled spot in front of the store; however, the woman inside is on her phone so I assume she’s just stopped to reply to a text. So, I walk over and put the doors on close; by now it’s nearing ten past closing.

Two minutes later, I hear a banging on the doors and I head back to tills to see what’s going on. The woman from the car is banging on the window and I signal to her that we’re closed. The woman begins shouting at me angrily; however, because of the glass, I can’t hear her. She gets in her car and drives off, giving me the finger.

I can only assume she thought I saw her coming and closed the doors so she couldn’t get in, despite the fact she wasn’t even out of her car yet.

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